​ Sharp Top Cove July 10-16, 2022

The best week of your life!

Young Life camping involves high adventure, lots of fun, great food and excellent speakers who understand high school kids.

We are committed to get every kid to camp that wants to go. So talk to your Young Life leader or staff member about fundraisers and how you can sign up for camp this summer!

Wyldlife Camp Summer 2022

Going to Castaway Club

August 4-8, 2022

Capernaum Weekend 2022 Camp

Where:​ ​ Camp Solaris

When:​ ​ June 10th-12th

What:​ ​ A great fun packed weekend with great food, lots of fun and a time to build relationships with your Capernaum friends, buddies and leaders! Plus hearing about a God who loves you and wants to have a relationship with YOU!!

Cost is $200

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